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17 Mindblowing Yachts

Posted October 29th, 2009
by Staff (1 comment)


Not all yachts are created equal. There are tons of big, boring and conventional ships out there but a new breed is steadily becoming more popular. These yachts are much sleeker, like something James Bond would want to cruise in.

17. Eclipse

Owned by Roman Abramovich and is presently the biggest yacht in the world at 170m long, “eclipsing” previous record holder Sheikh Mohammed. This beast has two helicopter pads, 11 guest rooms, two swimming pools and a large disco ball. There is also a mini-submarine that can go 50 meters underwater. What makes this yacht more unique than its size is the fact that Abramovich equipped it with anti-paparazzi units [read lasers] that fire bolts of light at flashing cameras to destroy the photo taken. Oh yeah, it also has a missile defense system.

16. Soliloquy

This is one of the coolest “green” yachts you will find. This energy efficient (well…for a yacht) craft is powered using a Photovoltaic surface. The blinds above the overhead beam total 600 square meters and are used to collect the sun’s rays to charge the yacht’s batteries. The design is eco friendly as well, using wood from sustainably managed forests and using other renewable materials for its gorgeous interior.

15. Code-X

This is a concept that is developing from a Swiss based company, CODE-X AG. A hybrid of sorts, it will be powered by both fossil fuel and solar power. That is, there will be two Formula 1 engines and two solar powered electric models to scoot it across the water. A slight overkill but we’re sure no one is complaining.

14. C-Stream

This is another concept yacht to dream about at night. It may not be utilizing a green engine [see above] but the amenities are ridiculous. Look at the outside bar, recreational float, wave deck, outside musical stage and yes…a slide for the inner-manchild in all of us.

13. YachtPlus 40

Here is a 40 meter long yacht that is some serious eye candy. This boat was created with a focus toward modern aesthetics and architecture. There are four decks, various owner and guest cabins, a grand staircase and a jetski storage. The YachtPlus claims to have the largest available space of any boat in its class with 53 square meters of volume. Looking at the photos it isn’t hard to see why with the fantastic outdoor terraces and numerous rooms which aren’t the least bit claustrophobic.

12. Amphibious RV

What should you purchase when you want an RV and big boat but can’t afford both? Terra Wind solves your problems with the Amphibious RV. No, the photos aren’t fake, someone actually created a motor home that floats and it isn’t cheap either. If you are ready to plop down a million and don’t care much for aesthetics, Terra Wind has something for you. One thing other boats can’t do is drive straight into the water. A definite perk because we all know how annoying it is to reverse a boat off the ramp in the first place, right?

11. Project GreenJet

Now this is innovation. Project GreenJet is a 57-meter sailing yacht that is controlled by a single person via touchscreen. Erik Sifrer who designed this concept eliminates the need for personnel who normally operate sailing vessels. Instead of a crew, the operator can rotate the two sails with great precision in a short amount of time, all without exerting a drop of sweat. Sifrer estimates this concept will require $70 million and up to 6 years to build. It’s a long time but you can be sure there is someone eagerly waiting to drop the paper on this beast.

10. Gigayacht

Gigayacht is a fine example of excess, with ridiculous features that only people who bleed money could want. While we may be more frugal with our money, we can gawk right? The Wally Gigayacht comes with pools, tennis courts, soccer fields and a garden. Yes, a garden. Even the rich have a green finger at times.

9. Superyacht

The guys over at Focus 21 France made something you don’t see very often – a boat that flies over water. Well, hover is a better word but that is no fun to say. When you press a button (accurately labeled “launch”) in the cabin, the yacht will elevate above the water for 100km. Kind of a weird attribute, but the rich always find creative ways to spruce up a yacht.

8. Hydroptre

Speed freaks get their fill with the Hydroptre, which is able to lift itself 15 feet out of the water to “glide” on the waves instead of plough through them like traditional sailing boats. Using wings, the craft stays afloat and keeps drag to almost zero, meaning with enough breeze you can get some serious velocity going on. The crew’s real aspiration is not to woo the onlookers but to keep breaking its own speed record for its class that is sitting at 51.36 knots. Safety is a top priority with the crew so they came prepared with an “OH SHIT” button that seizes the vessel if the gusts get too powerful.

7. Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is the length of a football field and 20 stories tall. It’s big, beautiful and out of your price range. However, look at some of these photos and try tell yourself you still don’t want it. Leather staterooms doused with touches of steel, high tech gadgets from plasma TV’s to mini speedboats and jetskis are ready for your enjoyment upon purchase. The Falcon’s most notable traits are the ridiculous masts that power the behemoth from point A to B because someone felt engines were not enough.

6. Discovery 1000 Personal Submarine

Okay it’s not a yacht, but who wouldn’t want a personal submarine? Thought so. US Subs created an awesome personal submarine for the Nemo in all of us. It can dive well under 1000 feet for 28 hours with a range of 56 nautical miles. Each model can be customized as well, with cabins easily upgraded to accommodate a group of ten.

5. Daemon 75

Dreaming Group’s coolest yacht is the Daemon 75. It boasts an incredible speed of 55 knots per hour, the fastest of any motorboat in its class. The Daemon has speed, but also incredibly sexy curves. A few glances at the exterior hint at cues taken from the Porsche and Ferrari playbook. Dreaming Group’s unique craft is the perfect vehicle for blazing across the water with so much attitude people may mistake you for the new Bond.—world-premiere-at-the-cannes-boat-show

4. WHY

This is the beautiful child of the collaboration of two luxury brands, Wally and Hermes. The triangular silhouette is one of a kind and allows the yacht to have a 36 meter long beach deck. With Hermes in the game, you can count on exquisite leather and WHY delivers with an endless amount of buffalo padding to make sure you enjoy your stay in as much as out. Though we are thinking with that beach deck, probably out.

3. Fearless 68

No stranger to unique yacht designs, Fearless Yachts has previously teamed with Porsche and one of their newest creations, the model 68, proves they haven’t forgotten a thing about building beautiful sea craft. The Fearless 68 is loaded with two Rolls Royce A45 jet drives and is built from the lightest materials around.

2. The Raven

Lots of yachts these days are based on exotic cars and The Raven is no different. Mael Oberkampf’s vision of merging car and boat helped fuel the current concept for The Raven. An attractive balance of shiny metal and classic wood create a yacht concept whose gorgeousness is only matched by its cost and we bet you already knew that.

1. Guilty

Jeff Koons and billionaire Dakis Joannou utilized a WWI camouflage pattern to fashion this whacky yacht. They hired architect Ivana Porfiri to apply jagged shapes which give the Guilty its memorable aesthetic and personality.


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  • Posted November 6th, 2009 by captainducky at 7:56 pm - Reply

    That last one is really ugly, why would someone build that. The daemon looks very badass.

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