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45 Blogs with Great Boating Destinations for Your Family

Posted August 20th, 2010
by Staff (1 comment)

Almost everyone loves boating. Each family member can play an active role in this enjoyable and exciting activity. With the variety of watercraft, there is just the right boat for every family. Embarking on a marine adventure is as easy as locating a rental establishment and making some inquiries. Perhaps kayaking or canoeing down a river sounds like fun. Lazing around on a pontoon boat as it makes its leisurely way around the lake is good for a novice boater. Maybe the thrill of a speedy Jet Ski or wave runner seems more invigorating. The boating newcomer and the seasoned sailor will both find something of interest in this list of popular boating destinations.

  1. The Very Best Marina To Acquire Some Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charters: Kent Island Marina offers touring and fishing charters for family groups.
  2. The Do’s and Don’ts of House boating: Practical information and tips about house boating. A short guide to California boating destinations is included.
  3. House boating on Lake McClure: The details of one family’s experience renting a houseboat and spending several days on Lake McClure.
  4. Lake McClure Marina: Fishing, wildlife and natural attractions make Lake McClure a popular boating spot.
  5. Forever Houseboats Offers Families a Unique Vacation Filled with Relaxation and Recreation: Reasons why family houseboat vacations are well liked. The post includes a list of popular destinations.
  6. Let’s Go Boating in California: The different kinds of boating opportunities in California. A list of popular waterways with brief descriptions and locations is included.
  7. Wilderness Tips: Water-Isolated Destinations: Camping areas accessible only by boat. Area descriptions include special features and tips about visiting these remote places.
  8. Boating Loves NYC: Presents some facts about boating in the waters around New York City. Links are included for more information on local boat rental, sailing lessons and fishing.
  9. Wisconsin Boating – Wolf River – South Beach: A family’s experience boating on the Wolf River is related. Included are a map and some very nice photos.
  10. Hamlin Lake Michigan: This man-made lake has much to offer the boating family. Natural beauty surrounds this lake as the Manistee National Forest and the Ludington State Park border it.
  11. “Low Bridge, Everybody Down”: Chronicles a couple’s two-week boat trip through the Erie Canal. There are descriptions and photos of each stop made along the way.
  12. This Summer: Discover Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island: This remote island is referred to as America’s Emerald Isle. Details of the various water-related attractions are provided.
  13. Great Boating Destinations: Torch Lake Michigan: Torch Lake is part of a chain of lakes and is noted for its turquoise water. This beautiful lake draws celebrities such as Kid Rock and Christine Lahti.
  14. Lake Austin Named A Top Boating Destination; But Be Safe While You’re There: This lake situated in a flourishing city make this a trendy boating spot. These safety tips will ensure a safe excursion.
  15. Down the Lazy River: The pros and cons of kayaking on the Fox River are explained. Good tips are provided for the novice along with information on renting a kayak.
  16. By the Banks of the Suwannee:  Natural North Florida: Boating opportunities abound on the beautiful, historic Suwannee River. Travel the 207 mile river from Georgia to the Gulf and enjoy the many accommodations along the way.
  17. Tanglewood Resort Is Just the Place for a Family Boating Vacation: Situated on Lake Texoma, it has something to offer children and adults. Various types of watercrafts can be rented just 10 minutes away at Texoma Rentals.
  18. Destination: New Bedford Harbor: Dock the boat and tour this celebrated Massachusetts seaport. Tour the museums, walk through the historic downtown area, enjoy a concert and choose from an array of dining establishments.
  19. The Delaware Bay Lighthouse Cruise: This seven-hour cruise to view the areas lighthouses leaves mid-morning. It also provides good whale and bird watching opportunities.
  20. Vermont to Long Island Just Another NY Canals Trip Reports Weblog: A family details their boat trip. Filled with descriptions of the sights along the way and the marinas where they docked for the night.
  21. Visiting the Stunning 1000 Islands: This natural wonder is a most magnificent boating destination on the St Lawrence River. There are many attractions including some of the best sporting fishing. No trip would be complete without a trip to Heart Island to see the Boldt Castle.
  22. Anna Maria, Longboat Key or Sarasota – Where is the perfect place to watch sunset?: Tells the best spot to view the sunset either on land or out in a boat.
  23. Fun Things to Do Off the Beaten Path in Carlsbad: Carlsbad Lagoon is just the place to learn any popular boating sport such as jet skiing, kayaking, and wave running. Rentals are available.
  24. Five Great Lakes in Southern West Virginia: Names and locations of each lake are given. Their best features are noted.
  25. Top 10 Best Boating Lakes: Deep Creek Lake in Maryland has been chosen as one of the top ten by Destinations for Leisure. The main draw for this lake is fishing, but recreational use is on the rise.
  26. Lake George: Beautiful pictures of Lake George and the Sagamore Resort are included in this blog post.
  27. Island Time – Boat Trip to the Keys – June 2009: This is the story of a family’s trip from Harbortown to the Keys and back. Details include navigational hazards and reviews of the places they ate.
  28. Maiden Voyage: This family’s first voyage on the Bogue Sound in a sailboat they built.
  29. Tidal Delaware Water Trail: Contains multiple posts about boating on the Delaware River. Included are kayaking programs and safety tips.
  30. Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge: Features of the refuge are noted along with photos.
  31. Our Trip to the Lake: Accounts are given of a family’s week long vacation on Lake Placid including their canoe trip.
  32. 2010 Fishing Opener: Walleye fishing is one of the main attractions of Leech Lake in Minnesota.
  33. Leech Lake Fishing: This blog features multiple articles about Walleye fishing. Leech Lake is also a popular ice-fishing destination.
  34. Everything about Kayaking in Oklahoma: This is a series of posts about kayaking on different bodies of water in Oklahoma. Kayaking in different seasons, kayak fishing and choosing a kayak are some of the topics covered.
  35. Harbor Springs is Filled With Summertime Fun: A complete list of the many things to do in Harbor Springs along with contact information. It details the fishing and boating opportunities along with a map of the Inland Waterway.
  36. Where is the Beach? East Grand Traverse Bay, Bowers Harbor, Good Harbor, Michigan: A long list of the many area beaches is presented. Information about Power Island that can only be reached by boat.
  37. Memphis: Take a Mississippi River Boat Cruise: A to-do list for trip planning and some activities to enjoy before and after the cruise.
  38. Down the Mississippi: A list of 2010 Mississippi River trips with links to the associated blogs. A list of 2010 Group Paddle Trips, some of which are still open for registration.
  39. Karen and Jerry’s Great Grand Adventure: A series chronicling a 3-month boat trip on Lake Superior. One of the posts explains the importance of the supplies they packed.
  40. Know NY’s Boating Laws Before You Take to the Water: The clear, calm beauty of the Finger Lakes makes this a popular boating destination. It is important to be familiar with the state’s boating laws before launching the boat.
  41. A Good Weekend at Beaver Lake: A weekend of diving in different spots in Beaver Lake is detailed.
  42. Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota: This is a series of blog posts each dedicated to a different waterway in the Sioux Falls area. Plenty of pictures and interesting information accompany this blog.
  43. Summer Is Here – Time To Go To The Lake To Cool Off: Broken Bow Lake located in the mountains of Southeast Oklahoma is popular with boaters. Beaver’s Bend Marina has slips and rental boats available.
  44. Have You Considered Lake Of the Ozarks Pontoon Boat Rentals?: Pontoon boats are good for the novice. Rent a pontoon and explore this 55,000 acre waterway.
  45. Gage Lake Geneva Cruise Line: Take advantage of the Family Sundowner Special each Thursday night. Children’s birthday parties can be hosted on board for a celebration to remember.

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    Your blog post is full of great links and info. Thx for making that effort! We’re using this info to plan our family vacation and you’ve saved me a lot of time doing searches.

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