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5 Best Board Games Involving Boats

Posted September 6th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

It’s entirely possible that you might like board games without ever playing one directly related to boats or boating. Yet some of the best board games which have ever been designed involved ships or boats. Some of them are out of print, but if you like board games and boats, it’s well worth seeing if you can find a copy at a flea market, on eBay, or wherever else you can find old games. One of the best things about board games with boats is that you can control an entire squadron of the world’s most expensive ships without needing any boat insurance.

Here are some of the best board games ever made which involve boats or ships:

  1. Battleship. This is the one most of you are the most likely to have played. The game is quick, fun, and easy to learn. On top of that, you can sink an entire fleet of battleships, destroyers, submarines, and aircraft carriers without making a single boat insurance payment.
  1. Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Put out by war gaming giant Avalon Hill (if you’re not familiar with it, you’re not a true geek), this game spanned the great age of sail from the late 1600s through the late 1800s. Statistics are given for hundreds of actual ships of each of the great maritime nations, and players can recreate famous battles, or develop their own.
  1. Axis & Allies. While not strictly a boat oriented game, this classic war game incorporates all facets of World War II, giving games the chance to control battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, and transport ships along with their land based units.
  1. Broadsides & Boarding Parties. This game came out in the same series (Hasbro’s Warmasters series) as Axis & Allies, yet never quite reached the level of popularity. It’s kind of a shame, because this naval game offers some of the best naval action of any game we’re played, focusing on the golden age of the buccaneers.
  1. Bermuda Triangle. This one can be tough to find, but it’s fun to play if you do get your hands on a copy. The object of the game is to move your boats and airplanes through the Caribbean’s deadly Bermuda Triangle without becoming lost. Think it’s easy? Think again.


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