Top 10 Boat Insurance Claims

Boaters will certainly agree that there is perhaps nothing better than being out on the water, relaxing and enjoying a carefree day on your boat – unless of course your boat becomes damaged.

Unfortunately, boat collisions are an all-too-common occurrence, regardless of how well you prepare behind the wheel.  In fact, boat collisions are far more prevalent than boat theft, according to the Saga Boat Institute.

How to Protect Your Vessel

Besides preparing for your sailing expedition, using Marine charts and having a sonar device installed onboard, you can better protect yourself, your passengers and your boat by having comprehensive boat insurance.

Most Common Boat Insurance Claims

Boat insurance, like auto insurance, is a must-have for any boat owner, so it is interesting to learn more about the most common boat insurance claims; in particular the 10 most common boat insurance claims, as reported by the Saga Boat Institute, are:

  1. Hitting a submerged object while cruising
  2. Theft while anchored
  3. Collision with other boats while boating
  4. Storm damage while moored
  5. Theft while in storage
  6. Accidental damage while cruising
  7. Flooding while moored
  8. Sinking while moored
  9. Owner negligence while cruising
  10. Accidental damage while moored

Thefts while anchored are more likely to occur during the warmer summer boating months, so it is important to remember a few practical tips to prevent the theft of your boating equipment and supplies while the boat is anchored:

  • Remove navigational equipment from sight.
  • Don’t leave anything of value on the deck.
  • Properly secure the motors, tenders and life rafts to the boat.
  • Secure all boating equipment, such as oars and anchors to the boat.

Being prepared before you sail, understanding the weather and tides and using the equipment necessary to help you navigate the waters are the first steps in preventing a collision with a submerged object while cruising.

Steve Wyrostek Expert A 20 year plus veteran of the insurance industry, Steve managed departments in the personal and commercial lines areas of major insurers. He’s familiar with how insurance—ranging from boat to workers compensation—works.

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