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So, You Wanna Live on a Boat?

Posted June 2nd, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

Living on land is sooooo yesterday. You want to live somewhere awesome, warm, and portable. If you like the idea of waking up, walking to your back patio and fishing, then a houseboat might just be for you. Just don’t forget your boat insurance while you’re in paradise.

Still, there are some important things to think about before you take the plunge:

Size matters

Choosing the right size of boat is one of the most important decisions you can make. Couples can live in a smaller boat than families can. Your budget will also be a dictating factor in this decision.

Houseboats come in a variety of flavors as well. Some will be long and slender while others will be shorter yet wider. Deciding how you want to live and how much space you truly “need” is key decisions before you ever buy a boat. Shop, shop, and shop some more. You don’t want to regret your houseboat decision on day three.

Where to setup your floating home

Finding a marina that fits you is almost as important as finding a houseboat that works for you. Every marina comes with a personality all its own. Some marinas are full of yachts and millionaires. Others are full of sailboats. Choose a marina that fits your style.

Marinas all offer up different types of amenities. Will you need full service hookup? Have you thought about cable TV or Internet? Keep in mind that the more amenities you want, the more your marina rent will go up.

Children and pets are good additions

Living on a houseboat might seem like a bad place to have children or pet. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Head down to your marina and check out how many people have pets. Dogs are especially good boat mates. Your yard might not be green, but most dogs love to swing in the water. Fido could even be more at home on the sea than on the land.

Children bring on a few extra considerations. You will need to consider the size of your houseboat. You will want to make sure you have enough room for the children to go and get out of your hair. Schooling is another consideration. Just like landlubbers, you will want to research the school district near the marina. You are not the first to have children on a houseboat. Thus, there is help out there for you.

What about TV or Internet

Many marinas offer up nice amenities like cable TV or Internet. This will require you to do some shopping around for the services provided via your marina. Another option for TV is to use a satellite. There will be a lot of adjusting, but you can take your HGTV with you everywhere you go.

Internet can be almost as easy. Many cell phone companies offer up wireless access cards for your computer. These won’t work as nicely on the open sea, but will provide some form of access while you are landside. Some providers provide Internet access via satellite, but this service is often spotty at best.

Living on a houseboat can be exhilarating and fun. There are special considerations to keep in mind, but the advantages more than make up for it. Keep your boat insurance renewed, your fishing pole in tip top shape, and enjoy living in a versatile space.

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