Sailboat Insurance

sailboatUnlike other boating insurance, sailboat insurance is mandatory in the United States. This means it’s illegal to sail anywhere in the United States without insurance.

Sailboat Coverage

Most sailboat policies include the following coverages:

  • Physical Damage- This coverage pays to repair or replace your boat, motor or boat trailer in the event of damage by windstorm, vandalism, theft, lightning or fire
  • Liability- This coverage will protect you if you cause injury to someone other than a family member or to property other than your own

Sailboat Coverage Exclusions

Items not normally covered include jet skis, kit boats, ski boats, high performance boats, fishing and scuba gear, personal items, TV’s, cameras and video equipment, wear and tear, deterioration, dents, scratches and manufacturing defects.

As always check with your agent for more specific information, shop and compare policies.

Steve Wyrostek Expert A 20 year plus veteran of the insurance industry, Steve managed departments in the personal and commercial lines areas of major insurers. He’s familiar with how insurance—ranging from boat to workers compensation—works.

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